for once, play with your food

MUshy peas

A Young Enterprise business creating a customisable "mush" of favourite games so that they are a unique collection to you

Our product is an app. In this modern digital world, we wanted to create something which represented that but which also has a sense of nostalgia. Our app includes games such as truth or dare, pub quiz and who knows me best, all of which are games many have played throughout their childhood before the invention of smartphones. The app will be available to download on the App Store soon.

For our more traditional folks, there is a PDF of all of the games and their cards available to download. The PDF can then be printed and cut out into individual cards so that there are physical copies in hand. This is a fun way to spend an evening or weekend with friends and family as an  activity to bond and pass the time. 

We also have stickers which will be available for purchase soon; perfect for laptops and other surfaces!



Our collection consists of 7 games. Our games aim to help YOU create fun, memorable memories lasting a lifetime.

Call Pea Maybe 

Spill the Peas 

Easy Peasy

Pea Brain

Peas Have Mercy On Me

Riddle Pea This

Who Knows Pea Best

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Stickers for all

Our wonderful stickers were designed by Talitha Powell, Anna Mallinckrodt & Gigi Lane!

We've sold out our stickers and are in the process of restocking them so stay on the lookout for them!

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OUR team